Millenium Roller Mill

Model MMR
Used to grind grain

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to meet the highest hygiene and sanitary standards for food industry
  • Feed Rolls are controlled by sensor-activated timing belts - sensors regulate the speed of the feed rolls according to the stock coming into roller mills
  • Feeding roll-pack system allows easy cleaning for a cleaner, more hygienic operation
  • Grinding rolls are equipped with a roll-pack system for easy maintenance and change-out - rolls can be changed in 25 minutes (See the complete roll-change video below)
  • Gap between grinding rolls is adjusted manually
  • Length and diameter of the rolls are dynamically and statically calibrated at maximum roll rpm
  • Break/Grooved rolls are between 480-550 Brinell and smooth rolls are  450-500 Brinell
  • Harder layer thickness of rolls at machining is 20-25mm.
  • Timing belts on grinding rolls are slip-free, noise-free, vibration-free, and heat-free operation
  • Control panel and driver cabin are isolated against dust
  • Full conforms with CE. Optionally, can conform to ATEX
  • Central lubrication system allows manual lubrication of entire machine from one point
  • Body is equipped with removable covers for easier access.
  • Bearing housings are taper bush type, which are well isolated against dust through special oil felts and gaskets
  • Pneumatic equipment from world class manufacturers like FESTO, REXROTH, or SMC
  • Maximum capacity with minimum energy consumption
  • Outer sides are kiln-dry painted with auto painting technology

Materials of Construction

  • Chassis is made of 12 mm carbon steel-body with high resistance against burden and vibration
  • 22000 series of SKF or FAG TM is used as standard
  • Housings made of quality nodular cast-iron (GGG40)
  • Steel materials used are at 1010-1060 standards according to use properties
  • Inner sides and product contact surfaces are stainless steel, epoxy pointed, or aluminum
  • Brass materials to SnBz 10 standards
  • Aluminum materials to AA6060 standards
  • Stock inlet hopper is made of metal and plexy glass

Spare Parts

The following equipment and spare parts are included in the purchase and shipped with the machine:

  • Roll Lifting Equipment
  • Roll carrier
  • Pull off equipment for bearings 


 Millenium Roller Mill MMR Spec




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